Username:  zymurgist

Real Name:  

Age:   44

Country/Location:  Cincinnati


Custom Stratocaster with a Warmoth body, a Hot Rod '62 Stratocaster neck, and pickups I made myself
Fender Muddy Waters Telecaster
2001 Fender American Series Precision Bass
1982 Gibson ES-347TD
1997 Gibson Custom Shop Lucky Strike ES-336
1993 Gibson Les Paul Studio
2007 Gibson Melody Maker (dual pickup model)
1964 Gretsch Clipper
2003 Martin DM
1997 Epiphone Dot
1984 Tokai EXD Series

2006 Allen Hot Fudge with Nuts
Fender Musicmaster Bass Amp (modified)
Fender Quad Reverb in a Stage Lead 212 cabinet
Fender Super Champ XD
Kalamazoo Model One (modified)
1962 Leslie Model 25
Harmony H306A (being restored)
Gibson BR-9 (being restored)
...and many ongoing projects


Vox Wah-Wah
Marshall SE 100 Speaker Emulator




How I found the FDP:  owb3

Date registered:  Jun 2nd, 2002

Contributing Membership Expires:  3/23/17

Moderators: Chris Greene  Iron Man  reverendrob  

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