Username:  uhas

Real Name:  Dave Owen

Age:   50

Country/Location:  UK

Patrick Eggle Stratford Prototype Acoustic
Takamine NV306
Takamine G406
Fender Custom Shop Nocaster
Fender Masterbuilt 20th Anniversary Stratocaster Olympic White (Jason Smith)
Fender Presidential Stratocaster 60th Anniversary
Fender Stratocaster Plus
Gibson 1960 50th Anniversary Les Paul
G&L Broadcaster
G&L ASAT Classic
Suhr Classic
Tom Anderson Cobra
Fender Telecaster 1978
PRS McCarty Soapbars
Yamaha RGZ611M
Yamaha AEX500
Sunn Stratocaster
Pignose Travel Guitar
Sheldon TT3 Amp
Marshall Mercury Amp 1972
Marshall Lead 25 1973
Yamaha THR 10
Roland Cube 40XL



Comments:  Just one more and I'll be happy!

How I found the FDP:  via harmony central links

Date registered:  Oct 2nd, 2003

Contributing Membership Expires:  1/30/13

Photo: Untitled (69 k)
Photo: White Penguin (31 k)

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