Username:  tremolo fan

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Country/Location:  STL MO, USA

86 MIJ Strat w/system I trem, candy apple red
93 Am Strat w/Chandler lipstick tube pups and ToneX wah pot, black w/pearl p.g.
03 Am Strat w/vintage noiseless pups and Clapton mid-boost electronics, 3 color sunburst
04 Am Deluxe v-neck Strat w/SCN pups & S1 switch, 2 color sunburst
04 Am Tele w/pearl p.g., black
04 Taylor 414CE Acoustic/electric
EJ Strat #EJ04066
Korg-Toneworks PX-4 headphone amp head/cab emulator w/FX (I love this thing!)
Fender Princeton Chorus amp
Boss BR-1200 multi track recorder w/fx- Some day I'll learn how to use it!




How I found the FDP:  typed in a porn site address incorrectly... ;-)

Date registered:  Apr 8th, 2004

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

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