Username:  texasb5

Real Name:  

Age:   49

Country/Location:  Texas, USA

Fender MIM Std. Stratocaster 2001 Sage Green
...with GFS '64 Stagger Overwounds (excellent pickups)
Fender Squier Standard '06 Tele Antique Burst w/1998 MIM maple neck.
Fender AG-25 Acoustic-Electric (1994 MIK)
Glen Burton 335 copy Blueburst (2009)
Jay Turser JRV-24 Flying-V
Fender FM-52E Mandolin (MIK)
Gretsch Electromatic Jr. Jet Bass G2202 (MIK)
Takamine Jasmine JS341 Classical

Digitech RP80 pedal
Yamaha PSR-262 Keyboard
Tascam DP-008 Pocketstudio

Former Gear:

Fender Squier Stratocaster Bullet (VN 1994 MIK)
Fender Squier '51 Sunburst
Fender Squier '51 Blonde
Fender Squier II MIK Fat Strat (E9) (shoulda kept it)
Harmony Meteor Sunburst 1966
Ventura Les Paul copy black (Japan)
Ventura 335 copy red (Japan)
Gibson J-45 acoustic (circa 1941)
Sigma/Martin 12 string
Peavey Millennium BXP 4 Bass
Ibanez Acoustic/Electric
Goya (60's) acoustic
Fender Rumble 100 amp
Crate G15 XL amp



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Date registered:  Sep 23rd, 2006

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