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Country/Location:  BC, * CANADA *

-'92 USA Vintage Player FN Series Strat Ebony.
-'94 MIJ '62 RI-Strat 3TSB.
-'97 3x California Series Strats:2FR/1CAR
-'97 MIJ '69 ThinlineTele Mahogany.
-'00 Muddy Waters Tele CAR.
-'00 Fender USA Std.Fender Strat Inca Silver.
-'00 DeArmond M-65C Solar Bronze.
-'97 Gibson Les Paul Studio Alpine White (Sold)
-'00 Gibson Les Paul Classic Trans-Amber.
-'01 Gibson Les Paul Jr.Special w/HB Ebony.(Sold)
-'01 Gibson Les Paul Std.PremPlus HoneyBurst-$old
-'01 Gibson Les Paul Standard Bullion Gold.
-'04 Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker TV Yellow.(Sold)
-'04 PRS SE Soapbar Single Cut (Lollars Eq.$OLD!)
-'04 Gibson Les Paul Historic R6 GT
-'05 Gibson Les Paul GoldTop R7 VOS ($OLD)
-'05 Gibson Les Paul Supreme Alpine White ($OLD)
-'05 PRS SE Soapbar II DC T-Burst.(Lollars P-90)
-'05 Gibson Les Paul Standard Iced-Tea 60's Neck
-'07 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty.
-'07 Gibson Les Paul Historic 1959 Ri.
-'82 Yamaha Acoustic FG-335 II.
-'00 Martin OOO-15S Mahogany.
-'00 Larrivee LV-03E B-Band

Assorted Amps: Traynor/Fender/Peavey/Roland
Boutiques: Dr.Z-$old/Rivera/Victoria/Kingsley
Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier Solo 50w head w/ 2x12 Soldano Closed Back Cab.1998 Marshall JCM900 2x12 combo

Assorted Effects:
-VooDoo Lab:Sparkle Drive
-Tech-21:Sans Amp GT-2
-J.Dunlop Wah:Jimi Hendrix JH-1
-J.Dunlop:DynaComp/Phase 90
-Zoom 2100/Digitech RP-100
-Marshall Bluesbreaker II
-Boss RV-3/RV-5
-Fishman Pro-Eq II DI
-Dean Markley Pro-Mag HZ

Assorted Mics: Audix/Shure/Samson



Comments:  Thank You!!! C.G.

How I found the FDP:  Surfing for Answers!!!

Date registered:  Vintage FDPer

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