Username:  telemarco

Real Name:  

Age:   43

Country/Location:  Cause We've Ended

50th Anniv Standard Strat
54 body, Project Tele
Assorted tele\esquire projects in progress('73,'67)
Custom quilt LP by Eric Shulte
2003 1-100 Mid Atlantic Tele
Garrison G-20 Acoustic
Laney Hardcore Max combo
Blonde Blues Jr.



Comments:  What a great site ! Terrific people, lots of great info. Hats off to Chris G !! All thanks To The Mods . Keepin' it real yet humane...

How I found the FDP:  friends with gas

Date registered:  Nov 16th, 2003

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: Wheels (62 k)
Photo: A few axes... (350 k)
Photo: Head out on the highway... (151 k)
Photo: Steven (15 k)
Photo: Steven meets Jason Kidd & his son. (314 k)
Photo: Twang boy (15 k)
Photo: With my main man (58 k)

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