Username:  strayedstrater

Real Name:  bob wise

Age:   53

Country/Location:  Garland, TX

mutilated '99 MIM 50's Classic
late '80s partsocaster
unknown amateur built Explorer
Guitar Research and Development Explorer
70's Lucite Japanese Strat clone
'98 Hamer(Korean) Sunburst Flattop
'82/'83 Arbor Star
'82/'83 Arbor headless Explorer
'82/'83 Arbor Explorer
'80s Hondo Formula One "3-D" Explorer
Enorez OOO acoustic
Blackheart Killer Ant
Jet City PicoValve
Legend Super Lead 50 2x12
two EVM12L TL806 (Thiele) cabs
Pacific "Cube" w/Celestion G12-65
5E3 style ext cab w/Fender Cerwin-Vega PS12
Yamaha TA20 wedge combo
C-Tech Sonny Boy
Dano French Toast
Digitech RP-50
EHX LPB-1 and LPB-2
'80 Altair PW-5 attenuator
drawers full of junk.

Email:  strayedstratter2(at)


Comments:  I've been playing since the early 70's (I *had* to play guitar after hearing Band of Gypsies), mostly blues/blues rock/funk pentatonic minor stuff, but I love metal, bluegrass, hip-hop, chamber music, jazz, traditional country, etc (although IMO 75% of the music in *all* genres sucks). I've been in a few bands, mostly in garages and basements, but we played a couple of coffeehouses and bars (the only time I ever got paid was for playing bass in a power punk band). I've owned a bunch of different gear over the years, and am fairly adept at maintaining and modifying axes (I've modded and repaired a few amps, but I'm just a hack at electronics).

How I found the FDP:  I stumbled into it.

Date registered:  Vintage FDPer

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: $5 nut files -- notched feeler gauges (104 k)
Photo: '79 Pacific 112 (88 k)
Photo: '81 GRD Explorer (124 k)
Photo: '81 Guild X-82 Nova (121 k)
Photo: '81 Guitar Research & Design Explorer (177 k)
Photo: '70s Yamaha RA-50 (74 k)
Photo: 212RH blueprint (91 k)
Photo: amps and cabs (267 k)
Photo: Arbor Star, Tiny Terror, Lopo 1x12 (54 k)
Photo: Arbors: cheap and cheaper (205 k)
Photo: Bassman 100 4x12 pyramid (95 k)
Photo: Bell Phonograph (78 k)
Photo: Electro-Voice M12-G guitar monitor (143 k)
Photo: EVM Thiele cabinet (46 k)
Photo: Explorer Studio updated (387 k)
Photo: explorer studio with case (51 k)
Photo: Gibson Explorer Studio (131 k)
Photo: Gibson neck joints (39 k)
Photo: goofy Explorer (50 k)
Photo: Hondo Formula 1 Explorer (254 k)
Photo: Legend Amps (171 k)
Photo: Legend Rock 'n' Roll 50 112 combo (104 k)
Photo: Legend Super Lead (236 k)
Photo: Love Rock (152 k)
Photo: MIM Classic 50's (125 k)
Photo: MIM Classic 50's '06 revisions (291 k)
Photo: MIM Classic 50's frontal '06 revisions (315 k)
Photo: MIM Classic long view 2006 (278 k)
Photo: MIM P and Rogue Violin Bass (146 k)
Photo: mongrel blue Strat (159 k)
Photo: NC FDP Jam (55 k)
Photo: NC FDP Jam 2 (210 k)
Photo: Posi-Lok strap button (42 k)
Photo: PRS Santana and LP Double-Cut (216 k)
Photo: red '80s Arbor (103 k)
Photo: Screaming Yellow Xplorer (124 k)
Photo: Snickers, the evil pit bull (113 k)
Photo: Wall of Sound (362 k)
Photo: Yamaha TA-20 (330 k)
Photo: Yamaha TA-20 guts (175 k)

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