Username:  stratman55

Real Name:  

Age:   53

Country/Location:  Delco PA

'55 Stratocaster (2 tone burst)
'82 AV RI Strat (2 tone burst)
50th Ann. AmSe Strat
'89 Deluxe AmStd Strat (arctic white, RW, stock Lace Sensors)
'88 HM Strat (flash pink, RW)
'90 Strat Plus Deluxe (antique burst, RW)
'94 AmStd Strat (sunburst, mpl, DiMarzio VV pups)
'96 MIJ Classic '60s (shell pink,Rio Grande pups)
'97 Lonestar Strat (teal metallic, mpl)
'00 AmSe Special Edition Strat (quilt mpl, tob. 'burst, RW)
'06 MIM 60th Anniversary Standard Strat
'97 Squier Protone Strat (v. blonde, mpl, Duncans)
'97 Squier Protone Strat (white, RW, Duncan Rails)
'96 Squier Standard Strat (burst on finest plywood, RW, AmStd pups)
'56 Esquire (w/added neck pup, blonde refin)
'88 AmStd Tele (black, mpl)
'92 MIJ JD Tele (burst, mpl)
'04 Highway 1 Texas Tele (2T burst, mpl)
'08 Classic Vibe Tele
'97 Squier Venus (surf green)
'97 Squier Venus XII (surf green)
'97 Squier Supersonic (blue metalflake, DiMarzios)
'04 Squier 51 (vint. puke I mean blonde, Duncan JB)
early '50s Deluxe 8-string lap steel (Stringmaster?)
'04 FR-48 metal-body resonator
'74 Fretless Precision Bass (natural, mpl)

[a bunch other stuff by Gibson, Ibanez, Guild, Ampeg, etc.)

'56 Deluxe
'61 Concert Amp
'66 Bassman head (Marshall 1965A 4x10 cab)
2 early '90s Pro Jrs., (1 blonde, 1 tweed)
2 early '00s Hot Rod Deluxes (1 black tolex MIA, 1 maple/sunburst MIM)
c. '07 Custom Vibrolux Reverb
Fender BXR 100 bass amp
2 mid-'90s Trace Elliott Velocettes
mid-'90s Boogie Maverick 1x12"
c. '74 Ampeg VT-22
mid-'90s Crate VC-508
'06 Vox DA-5

too many pedals to mention (regularly used: MXR Dyna Comp & Super Comp; Duncan Twin Tube Classic dist. preamp; Dan-o Tuna Melt Tremolo; Dan-o DanEcho; Voodoo Labs Micro Vibe, Sparkle Drive, & Super Fuzz; RAT; Boogie V-Twin preamp pedal)

ADAT-based home studio (keeping right up with the times, as always)
PA rigs



Comments:  fendaz4life

How I found the FDP:  Saw reference in an ad in Vintage Guitar.

Date registered:  Jan 28th, 2004

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