Username:  sparkymeb

Real Name:  

Age:   61

Country/Location:  Canada

[Mostly stock]
1971 Fender P (r/w neck, white refin., DiMarzio pup)
1974 Fender P (mpl neck, natural refin)
1986 Fender MIJ P (map. neck, black finish)
1989 Fender MIJ P 62RI (r/w neck, white finish)
1993 Fender MIJ Fretless J (r/w, white finish, DiMarzio pups)
1994 Fender MIJ Fretless J (r/w, black finish)
2000 MIM Fender Jazz-5

FrankenJazz #1(1978 neck, natural finish, DiMarzio pups)
FrankenJazz #2 (1999 G/L neck, stained, clear finish, stock pups)
Franken-Blink182 (r/w, blue fin, DiMarzio pup)
Anti-Blink (P-body, 1977 p-neck, red finish, J-neck Lace Sensor pup)

work-in-progress: 5-string fretless-J project....

Black sheep: Kramer Focus 7000 (r/w neck, red finish); 5-string OLP (maple f/b, black)

Assorted amps & cabs, combos: Gallien-Krueger, Ampeg, Trace Elliot, Peavey, Behringer



Comments:  Been playing since I was 17. Now I do old stuff (eg Beatles, Kinks), new stuff, Steely Dan (lots), things off the radio; happy to do fill-in jobs, whatever work comes my way. I practice/learn everything from Led Zep to RAtM.

How I found the FDP:  recommended to me by member

Date registered:  Vintage FDPer

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

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