Username:  sjerome

Real Name:  

Age:   63

Country/Location:  Upstate NY, USA

1989 AmStd Strat
1992 AmStd Tele with Texas Specials
Made-up Strat with 1999 AmDlx body and hardware, Seymour Duncan Little 59s, and Warmoth conversion neck
2006 Roland Cube 60, Vox DA5




How I found the FDP:  Through the Fender site

Date registered:  Vintage FDPer

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: 1973 (57 k)
Photo: 1978 (61 k)
Photo: 1989 Strat (56 k)
Photo: 1992 Tele (52 k)
Photo: 1998/99 Almost-Strat (197 k)
Photo: 19Feb2015 (371 k)
Photo: 2002 (50 k)
Photo: Backyard Reynard -- 23Jan13 (356 k)
Photo: Belgian Shepherds (389 k)
Photo: Big Bend NP - April 2015 (369 k)
Photo: Cameras old and new (285 k)
Photo: Canon S-95 saturation choices (366 k)
Photo: Cape St. George, NL, Canada, August 2013 (276 k)
Photo: Casi 2011 (97 k)
Photo: Day In Life 22JUL15 (373 k)
Photo: Death Valley near Stovepipe Wells, sunrise (327 k)
Photo: Downy Woodpecker, July 2015 (160 k)
Photo: Erie Canal and light pollution (106 k)
Photo: Father's Day 2014 (381 k)
Photo: FDPing Room (436 k)
Photo: Great Aunt Minna with homemade guitar (285 k)
Photo: Guitar position on stage (385 k)
Photo: Headlight refinishing (117 k)
Photo: Hi-fi rigs (442 k)
Photo: High Chisos, Big Bend NP, TX (247 k)
Photo: June 2010 (179 k)
Photo: Kiri 2008 (192 k)
Photo: Lake Ontario, south shore, 22Jan14 (388 k)
Photo: Leucistic Gray Squirrel, Ochlockonee SP, FL, March 2013 (433 k)
Photo: No Country For Old Men - April 2015 (218 k)
Photo: Old Man in Panama-1943ish (367 k)
Photo: Old rolltop to doggie crate (355 k)
Photo: Pedalboard (140 k)
Photo: Pedalboard cover (114 k)
Photo: Rio Grande Village Store, Big Bend NP (96 k)
Photo: Still makin' the gas money ... (117 k)
Photo: Sun room 09Mar15 (230 k)
Photo: Travel Rig (298 k)
Photo: Zion Canyon -- Nov. 7, 2012 (372 k)
Photo: Zion Canyon -- Nov. 7, 2012 (344 k)
Photo: Zion Canyon Squirrel -- 15APR13 (246 k)
Photo: Zion NP, near the campground, Oct.2011 (468 k)

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