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Country/Location:  USA, Santa Monica

2004 60 CS Relic Strat (Teambuilt; OlyWht, Tort Guard, 9.5" radius, MediumJumbo Frets).
2003 55 CS Relic Strat (faded OlyWht, white 8-hole 1 ply guard, 9.5" radius, Medium Jumbo frets, Round String Tree).
1995 62RI MIJ Fotoflame Strat (in natural amber color, FotoFlame to body (front only), neck and headstock, Vintage radius and frets) Excellent Guitar! Rivals many features of the CS guitars.
2004 Gibson R9 Historic Les Paul, ice-tea flame/blister top, RS Relicing & Electronics Upgrade.
2004 Gibson R4 Historic GoldTop, P-90s, WrapTail, RS Relicing & Electronics Upgrade.
1955 Les Paul Jr. "Rock'n'Roll" P-90!
1965 Gibson Country & Western Acoustic Flattop.
1959 Gibson ES-330 (one lovely 'ol P-90!).
1960s Kay Archtop with killer D'Armond pick-up.
2002 Warwick RockBass 4-String Corvette Special Edition, AAAA FlameMaple Top.

2003 Fender stock black Blues Jr.
2004 Marshall 1987XL Plexi Reissue 50watt head & 1960TV 4x12 cab w/Greenbacks; Marshall PowerBrake.
Ampeg BA-112 Bass Amp.
Alesis Powered Studio Monitors.
Marshall MC-2 Micro Amp (1 watter)
Hiwatt DeskTop BullDog (1 watter)

MKS PedalPad PedalBoard
FullTone Clyde Wah
Fulltone DejaVibe
Boss TU Tuner
Maxon Compressor/Sustainer
Rat (Modded)
Maxon OD-830 OverDrive Pro
TubeWorks Real Tube OverDrive (old B.K. Butler)
HolyGrail Reverb
Maxon AD-900 Analog Delay
(many others "in the drawer")

MIDI gear, computer, Cubase, Reaktor, The Grand, Halion Software Sampler, Korg N-1 Keyboard, E-MU Virtuoso 2000, Peter Sidelcheck (sp) Advanced Orchestra expansion ROM, and too much stuff.



Comments:  just happy to be here

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