Username:  seticat

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Age:   38

Country/Location:  Canada

CS 69' Stratocaster (NOS) 3TSB - maple neck
CS 60 Stratocaster (Relic) Daphne Blue
CS 69' Stratocaster (Relic) Olympic White - rosewood
Traynor "blue" 50 watt tube amp (a great deal and killer sounding amp)
Dunlop delay, Fulltone Deja Vibe 2, Fulltone '70 (silicon fuzz), Roger Mayer Page 1 (AC 128 germanium fuzz), Analogman NKT 275 Sunface (germanium fuzz), Fulltone OCD, Boss DD-20 digital delay (in loop)....and perhaps a Fulltone Octafuzz (coming soon!)




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Date registered:  Aug 24th, 2002

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