Username:  schundog

Real Name:  

Age:   48

Country/Location:  USA/Central Illinois

Heritage H-535 X 2
Heritage H-150 X 2
Heritage H-157
Heritage H-137
Heritage H-155 Millenium
Heritage H-575
Heritage HFT 445 Acoustic

Fender Jimmie Vaughan Strat MIM Olympic White
Gibson ES-335 Memphis Reissue, Vintage Sunburst
MIM Baja Telecaster, Desert Sand
Fender-Licensed parts Telecaster Partscaster
Blueridge acoustic
Martin DX1 Dreadnaught Acoustic
Martin Custom X Series OM size
Fender Blues Junior
Egnater Tweaker 15
Fender Mustang III
5E3 Tweed Deluxe Clone
1967 Fender Pro Reverb
1977 Fender Vibrolux Reverb

MRS (no-name) drum kit for jam sessions
SHS Audio (no-name) four channel PA for jams
1920's 5'1" Baby Grand




How I found the FDP:  Fender official website

Date registered:  May 5th, 2006

Contributing Membership Expires:  10/5/18

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