Username:  rok-a-bill-e

Real Name:  Bill Eckles

Age:   64

Country/Location:  Nashville,USA

'98 Reverend SPY-------my soul mate electric guitar, though I don't play guitar much anymore.
Mid-sixties Gibson Southern Jumbo acoustic------my best ever Christmas present.
Steve Amedee-modified "Subdude tamborine"-----a way cool drum.
Jeff Menzies Custom Tackhead Fretless 5-string banjo---my wayback machine.
Mike Ramsey "Woody" model open-back banjo.
Enoch Tradesman open-back banjo, 12",my new number one.
Possumtone steel-string Fretless Mountain Banjo, the current challenge.



Comments:  no current Fenders, but I have owned a '66 Strat and a SF Twin, so maybe I still qualify to be on the FDP. I have played guitar, badly, since 1965. Though I had no talent, I was in several bands that worked steady and made good money. Today I am obsessed with clawhammer banjo and pre-bluegrass Appalachian mountain music.

How I found the FDP:  link from Reverend site

Date registered:  Jan 12th, 2003

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: Boy Dog Banjo (28 k)
Photo: C-Dory 25 Cruiser in slip (139 k)
Photo: C-Dory 25 Cruiser on transporter (59 k)
Photo: C-Dory Camperback (120 k)
Photo: cool at the pool! (64 k)
Photo: Enoch Tradesman (6 k)
Photo: Enoch Tradesman Headstock (5 k)
Photo: House one week after closing (466 k)
Photo: J. Menzies Tackhead (146 k)
Photo: Land Cruiser Camper 1 (166 k)
Photo: Land Cruiser Camper 2 (160 k)
Photo: Lizard jamming on a leaf (120 k)
Photo: Looking down on Broadway from my balcony (120 k)
Photo: mystery car 1 (474 k)
Photo: mystery car 2 (370 k)
Photo: Our House shortly before we sold it (95 k)
Photo: Radical Rooskie Ride (275 k)
Photo: Ramsey Fairbanks Electric (39 k)
Photo: Rok with 'Rac! (87 k)
Photo: Rok with T-Rac (87 k)
Photo: Sounds Scoreboard (305 k)
Photo: Sunset view from my balcony (56 k)
Photo: Thrills on Three Wheels (343 k)
Photo: White Christmas Florida style (474 k)

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