Username:  rockable

Real Name:  

Age:   54

Country/Location:  USA/ NC/ Greensboro

'62 Brown Vibrolux
'66 Vibrolux Reverb
'68 Princeton Reverb
'73 SF Champ amp mounted in Custom Oak Cabinet
'67 Sunn Sorado Bass Head w/ Harkte 4X10 cab
Hot Rod Deluxe
Fender Bassman 150 Combo
'62 Gibson Skylark GA-5


'01 Am. Std. Tele - Black w/Maple Fretboard
'97 Am. std. Strat - 3-Color Sunburst w/ Rosewood
'01 Am. Std. Strat - Red w/ Rosewood
Custom Warmoth Strat w/ Hot Noiseless Pups
'01 Standard MIM P-bass
'07 Active Jazz Bass
Ibanez Artwood AW-100
Warwick Corvette Standard
Epiphone G400 Korina
Hamer Echotone Flametop
Supro Lap Steel
'62 Gibson Skylark Lap Steel
Melobar Lap Steel


Ibanez TS-9
Dunlop Crybaby
Holy Grail
Surf Trem



Comments:  Real Name - Rock Able My sons (ages 16 & 19) play and I noodle around with the guitar. I'm a collector of things musical, mechanical and automotive. I love taking things apart and putting them back together. For the past 5 years, I've been learning to work on and restore tube amps. I'm a lot better at making things work than I am at playing, so far.

How I found the FDP:  Surfin'.....

Date registered:  Jan 9th, 2005

Contributing Membership Expires:  1/1/10

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