Username:  rmcfee

Real Name:  Robert McFee

Age:   42

Country/Location:  Fredericton, Canada

Fender Stratocaster(stock, sunburst, maple brd.), 83 Squier Strat(white, rosewood brd.), Custom Strat with humbuckers and lock. trem., Fender Jazz bass (96 MIA), Yamaha electric 12 string, Yamaha acoustics (1 steel string, 1 classical ), Custom solidbody with Hipshot Trilogy bridge and Sperzel tuners.
Music Man RD50 amp head with Fender 4X12 cab loaded with Celestion V12-80 speakers, Fender 1974 Pro Reverb combo, Garnett Rebel 50 watt head.
VOX wah, Ratt pedal, Line 6 MM4 pedal, Boss DD3



Comments:   The FDP is THE info center for guitars and amps of the Fender persuasion. Fantastic!

How I found the FDP:  alt.guitar.effects

Date registered:  Oct 29th, 2001

Contributing Membership Expires:  7/17/09

Moderators: Chris Greene  Iron Man  reverendrob  

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