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Buying gear that works, not what your heroes used.

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How I found the FDP:  I sensed a data structure in pain, real pain.

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Photo: '69RI Mustang (Japan-only color, revolt yellow) (124 k)
Photo: 1950s Road Sign - "Wanted Alive" (48 k)
Photo: 1987 Caprice Classic undercover surplus (29 k)
Photo: 1994 Fender "Squier Series" Jazz Bass headstock (black label) (359 k)
Photo: 1998 Squier MIM Standard Strat (379 k)
Photo: 2012 Squier offsets: Mascis Jazzmaster and Surf Green Jaguar (267 k)
Photo: 2016 Les Paul Studio HP (414 k)
Photo: 2018 pedalboard thusfar (386 k)
Photo: 2019 Les Paul Jr. DC Blue Evil Edition (472 k)
Photo: 2019 LP Jr DC - how to save a hundred bucks (149 k)
Photo: 2019 LP Jr DC backside (130 k)
Photo: 2019 LP Jr DC, full frontal (137 k)
Photo: 2019 LP Jr. DC body (174 k)
Photo: 2mm picks: Prodigy versus Purple Turtle. (467 k)
Photo: A00000xx Squier MIJ Strat (40 k)
Photo: An odd duck: 2014 Gibson no-f-hole 339 (318 k)
Photo: An odd duck: 2014 Gibson no-f-hole 339 (0 k)
Photo: At band practice, with MIM Fender Squier Series Jazz. (102 k)
Photo: At band practice, with MIM Squier Standard Strat. (75 k)
Photo: Beware the black metal mullet (97 k)
Photo: Corrosionman has spoken (138 k)
Photo: Desktop: Hunter S Thompson memorial spot (139 k)
Photo: Dirt pedals galore (326 k)
Photo: Don't let your babies grow up to be database admins. (88 k)
Photo: Fender "Squier Series" Jazz Bass (85 k)
Photo: Fender Bronco with rat infestation. (169 k)
Photo: Fender Jag (100 k)
Photo: For amcrory, frog with gun. (97 k)
Photo: Found in every period Jazz Chorus and Space Echo. (226 k)
Photo: Guano Loco! custom pedal (128 k)
Photo: I am an autotuning madman. (157 k)
Photo: JC-50, country surplus (124 k)
Photo: Lost in the studio, 1993-4 (67 k)
Photo: Mr. Yuck (40 k)
Photo: My pal, Rattus Rodentus. (140 k)
Photo: NO STEP! (447 k)
Photo: Phil Spector told me everything I needed to record often and well. (162 k)
Photo: Pre-500 serial Squier A series headstock decal (132 k)
Photo: Proper Mustang bridge (467 k)
Photo: Roland GK-3 pickup : mounts fine on a Fender Jaguar CP. (357 k)
Photo: Sig GSR 1911 (100 k)
Photo: So where's the traffic? (127 k)
Photo: Solve et coagula: LP #1 (411 k)
Photo: Solve et coagula: LP #2 (387 k)
Photo: Sometimes one must improve free basses. (452 k)
Photo: Squier Gold MIM Standard Strat headstock (200 k)
Photo: The last axle of the last of the V8 interceptors (90 k)
Photo: The old battered wall poster (449 k)
Photo: The world's ugliest bass! (122 k)
Photo: USA Strat headstock trophy (121 k)
Photo: Vector V89 9mm, tax stamp required. (95 k)
Photo: What an idiot does to a guitar..... (107 k)
Photo: When basses get memed. (452 k)
Photo: Where the cheese goes, yo (479 k)
Photo: With my action figure, King Diamond celebrates the 30th! (344 k)
Photo: Ye Olde Pluckin' (252 k)

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