Username:  relayer

Real Name:  

Age:   43

Country/Location:  Canada

2000 Fender Jazz '62 RI (stolen Nov. 3/05 s/n V124302)
2006 Fender Jazz '62 RI
customized Fender Jazz fretless of indeterminate origin
1975 Rickenbacker 4001
1997 Rickenbacker 4001CS
mid '80's Rickenbacker 4003/8
1989 Kubicki Ex-Factor 4 (stolen Nov. 3/05 s/n 18641189)
2006 Kubicki Ex-Factor 4
2000 Galveston 12 string bass
Cort 6 string bass
Chapman Grand Stick
1949 Gibson Ultratone lap steel
Vantage 6 string acoustic
Yamaha 12 string acoustic
Taylor 314 CE
Danelectro 6 string electric
Epiphone ES-175D
Epiphone '56 Les Paul Gold Top
Epiphone G-1275 doubleneck
Moog Taurus I bass pedals
Moog Taurus II bass pedals
custom midi bass pedals
Roland XV-2020 sound module
w/Ultimate Keys expansion board
w/Complete Orchestra expansion board
Roland XV-5050 sound module
w/Symphonique Strings expansion board
w/Classic EPs expansion board
Edirol PCR-80 controller
M-Audio Keystation 88 es
Harkte 7000
SWR Goliath 4X10
Line6 Bass Pod Pro
Maestro Bass Brassmaster
Teese RMC III wah
SansAmp Bass Driver DI
E-H Q-tron
E-H Bass Balls
Korg Toneworks AX5G
Visual Sound Visual Volume pedal
Little Big Muff Pi

Gear I still Jones for:

'50's Gibson Electric Bass (EB-1 for short)
late '60's/early '70's Marshall Super Bass amp
Emmons D-10 pedal steel
more to follow, I'm sure



Comments:  The website will tell you all you need to know, while still allowing me that *oh-so-important* (slight) air of mystery.

How I found the FDP:  random miscellaneous keystrokes

Date registered:  Dec 5th, 2001

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: '49 Gibson Ultratone lap steel (24 k)
Photo: almost there, Einstein. (19 k)
Photo: desktop lake (467 k)
Photo: falling sand (156 k)
Photo: Finally got motivated! (43 k)
Photo: For some reason...Zebra Man (66 k)
Photo: Gimme! (12 k)
Photo: Good with Santa (44 k)
Photo: Me and Mr. Jones (120 k)
Photo: Me and Spider surfing the FDP (25 k)
Photo: Not so good... (45 k)
Photo: Roy Harper and friends '74 (30 k)
Photo: Spider sez practice makes perfect! (14 k)
Photo: Stairways! (99 k)
Photo: The devil, you say? (15 k)
Photo: Three Of A Perfect Pair (69 k)
Photo: Wee Halloween cats (70 k)
Photo: Wee Halloween cats & friends (101 k)
Photo: You woke me up for this?! (12 k)
Photo: Zebra Man & friends (72 k)

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