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Date registered:  Oct 22nd, 2001

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Photo: 3 Teles: Squier Protone, American Standard, MIJ '72 Thinline RI (139 k)
Photo: BlackTele,LP,Strat (145 k)
Photo: Blacktop Jazzmaster HS (267 k)
Photo: G&W (231 k)
Photo: Japanese character with guitar (401 k)
Photo: Japanese RV (260 k)
Photo: Kumano Kodo trail view (482 k)
Photo: Les Paul Deluxe (68 k)
Photo: LP Studio, LP Standard, LP Studio w/p90s (129 k)
Photo: LPJunior (185 k)
Photo: M77T & T400 DeArmonds (108 k)
Photo: Melody Maker & Danelectro (96 k)
Photo: P90s (163 k)
Photo: Puppies (278 k)
Photo: Reverend Double Agent with Bigsby (281 k)
Photo: Reverend Slingshot, Flatroc and Commando (142 k)
Photo: SG Classic & SG Junior (87 k)
Photo: View to Chikatsuya (133 k)
Photo: Wally in the marsh (93 k)
Photo: Wally now (218 k)
Photo: Your New Ride (285 k)

Musician Ad: Want to Jam: None entered, None entered (United States): No title

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