Username:  panachegems

Real Name:  A.C. Hughes

Age:   54

Country/Location:  Jacksonville, FL

1961 Guild T-100 (Slim Jim),Mahogany
Sambora Strat w/ CS Texas Specials,Olm. White
1995 MIM Strat w/ Lace Holly Grails,MI Blue
1961 Gibson Les Paul Junior, white w/ orig. 1961 P-90, Black
MIJ Tele w/ 52 reissue pups, Cherry Burst
2001 ? Epi Dot, Cherry Red
Jimmy Vaughn issue Strat, white
Samick, PRS Copy, Blue
Eastman High Flyer, Pumkin Burst
Epiphone Acoustic
Not sure of the year but a Fender "Robben Ford"
sunbrst with case. Looks like a Gibson 336 model. It has no sound holes on top however, it has a carved top, dual hummers and a single coil switch.
1997 Gibson "The Paul III" black
1971 P-Bass w/ 1962 Fender re-issue pups, Olm.White
FrankenTele with modified Strat neck, American Standard pups, white with natural binding
1985 Fender Concert (Rivera Era)
Fender Stage 100
Fender SFX Satellite
Hughes & Kettner Silver Edition Combo
SWR Workingmans 12
Peavy "Delta Blues".
Epiphone Valve Junior Head & 4/12 Triggerman Cab.
Yamaha Keyboards
Alesis SR-16 Drum Machine
Alesis MMT Sequencer
Boss DD-20 Digi Delay
Voo Doo Labs Sparkle Drive
Digitech Jam Man
DigiTech Tri-OD
H&K Warp Factor
Numerous other Stomp Boxes
More to come.......



Comments:  Are my strings on upside down?

How I found the FDP:  surfing

Date registered:  Sep 22nd, 2001

Contributing Membership Expires:  expired

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