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Country/Location:  Tulsa, Ok.

2005 Highway 1 Strat, 3 tone Sunburst with Fat 50s pickups. (Well it has turned into a full on parts'O'caster) New neck and body now.

Pink Strat from parts, painted myself.

Tribute by G&L ASAT Classic Premium(natural)

Martin D-16GT

71 SilverFace Princeton Reverb

Peavey Delta Blues 1x15" Weber Cali

Fender Blues Jr.



Keeley Compressor
Keeley modded Ibanez AD9
Keeley modder Boss TR-2

And some other stuff




How I found the FDP:  Fender site

Date registered:  Aug 17th, 2005

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: 2TSB (91 k)
Photo: 65 Downbeat, Burgundy Sparkle (94 k)
Photo: Baby Face "Nelson" (102 k)
Photo: Big Bird (26 k)
Photo: BSr (100 k)
Photo: Checking (45 k)
Photo: Cherry Burst up close (132 k)
Photo: Clyde and Rory (122 k)
Photo: Clyde the Boston Terrier (70 k)
Photo: Cooper's Hawk (133 k)
Photo: Gibson (54 k)
Photo: Last coat of clear (76 k)
Photo: Max (109 k)
Photo: Monkey (32 k)
Photo: more cherry (42 k)
Photo: MPM (74 k)
Photo: My Les Paul (152 k)
Photo: Orange Rose (69 k)
Photo: Painted drums (89 k)
Photo: Posting links (31 k)
Photo: screw jack (21 k)
Photo: Sell you soul?? (54 k)
Photo: Shell.. (128 k)
Photo: speedy sprayer. (85 k)
Photo: Stainded floors (69 k)
Photo: SX-PJ Bass (34 k)
Photo: Tile (158 k)
Photo: washed cherry (40 k)

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