Username:  macatt

Real Name:  scott macdonald

Age:   70

Country/Location:  Pacific Northwest

`71 Strat alder body, maple neck Modified:
Callaham vintage S trem
T-shell pickguard,vintage white knobs,covers,etc.
pickups;N ='80 Seymore Duncan vintage wrap,
M =Van Zandt Blues,
B =CS Texas Special.
Full shielding,star grounded,Tone wired to bridge pup, Push pull V-pot activates Bridge pup.

`85 MIJ Strat (alder) white / "67 Tele neck (maple).
Same as above except:
Trem=Wilkenson vintage with pop in bar
N pup= Van Zandt Blues,
B pup= SD Twangbanger, locking tuners, stainless steel frets.

`98 MIM Strat (black with t-shell guard and Texas Specials)

`79 Hamer Sunburst (it`s actually cherry)(American made)
Added Bigsby

2001 Warmoth custom VIP swamp ash one piece flame maple carved top (amber with cream knobs, covers, etc).(back routed). Maple boat neck. set up like Strat.SSS;
N= Lindy Fralin V hot
M= Van Zandt Blues
B= JB jr w/coil tap push/pull sw.
Fully shielded and star grounded,
Push/pull V-pot activates B-pup.
Gold hardware,Wilkenson trem,locking tuners.

`58 Less Paul Jr. Added bigsby. Added 2nd pickup
(P 90`s) Broken neck BEWARE!

`60 Martin D-21

`03 Taylor Big Baby

Old Hamony Stella


`80 Fender 75 with EVM 12L

`96 Blues Jr (black) with EVM 12L and BillM mods

`98 Blond Blues Jr with EVM 12L

`98 Dan Electro Nifty Fifty

'06 Crate Power Block

Both Jr`s have been tricked out with tilt back legs and chrome corners and glides.
All amps have added AC plug-ins in back.

Effects: Mostly Boss gear some Zoom, Fender V-pedals, Samson wireless (Airline).



Comments:  That "67 Tele was found at the bottom of a cliff by a river. The body was completely splintered. It passed through a few hands before it got to me. I only got the neck. I had to do a lot of work to get it playable. This "TeleStrat" has been my #1 player for the last 13 years.I do play the other guitars often though. <BR> Full time player 51 years and counting <BR> "PLAY HARD WHEN YOU PLAY"

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