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Country/Location:  TX

Fender P-Bass
Congas, Bongos
Lots of percussion stuff and any guitars or amps I can get my husband to buy! Love Fender & Matchless!




How I found the FDP:  through husband (kego)

Date registered:  Feb 17th, 2005

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: Blot Test (140 k)
Photo: Cave Example (85 k)
Photo: Dad with Grandaddy Morel (52 k)
Photo: Flirting for the camera (69 k)
Photo: Forest2 (80 k)
Photo: Grandpa Barney (30 k)
Photo: Guitars? (66 k)
Photo: Ike Sunset (61 k)
Photo: Inspecting his handywork! (82 k)
Photo: Kego playing for Barney (62 k)
Photo: Kelp Forest Modified (92 k)
Photo: Kent's Choice (63 k)
Photo: Magic Morels (165 k)
Photo: MaxOnPoint (39 k)
Photo: Meg & Max (181 k)
Photo: Meg & Max meet a duck..... (141 k)
Photo: Music critics.... (67 k)
Photo: Radar Signature (92 k)
Photo: Ribbon Snake from Deck (88 k)
Photo: Rita Ready Pups (141 k)
Photo: Rubber Boa (94 k)
Photo: White Morel (58 k)

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