Username:  liverbird

Real Name:  


Country/Location:  UK

64 Fender P sunburst
66 Fender J sunburst (d&b)
83 62 RI Fender J sunburst
00 62 RI Fender J Ice Blue Metallic, converted to Fretless
00 Fender J natural (ash)

89 Music Man Stingray sunburst/black
90 Music Man Stingray trans red/black
92 Music Man Stingray sunburst/white
94 Music Man Sterling sunburst/black
98 Music Man Stingray sherwood green/white pearloid
00 Music Man Stingray 5 metal flake green/white pearloid
02 Music Man Stingray gunsmoke silver/black pearloid
03 Music Man Stingray 5 white/tort
07 Music Man Stingray trans red/black
09 Music Man 25th Anniversary 5 HSS
09 Music Man Stingray Classic surf green/white

12 Nordy vM5 silver/black

Epifani UL502 amp
Epifani UL112 cab
GK MB150-E

Sadowsky Preamp DI
EBS Octabass pedal
Boss Octave pedal
Boss Chorus pedal
EHX Bass Micro Synth
Lehle 3@1 pedal
Lehle Sunday Driver
Little Lehle




How I found the FDP:  Browsing

Date registered:  Jun 29th, 2003

Contributing Membership Expires:  11/29/18

Photo: 1 62 neck date (1) (112 k)
Photo: 1 62 neck date (2) (60 k)

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