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Age:   58

Country/Location:  South Florida

I seriously need some intervention. I can't stop buying stuff. Before long I'll be on a segment of 'hoarders'...but I have started to slow down. Most of my stuff is high quality.


'05 Am Std Strat
'05 James Burton Strat (lowest frets possible)
'04 Am Std Tele (
'72 Thinline Tele
'52 HR Tele RI Butterscotch (my "go to")
'96Les Paul Standard
'04 Les Paul Studio
'08 Rickenbacker 360/12
'72 Gretsch Rally
'00 Fender Jazz Bass
'06 Martin HD28
'07 Gibson J/45 w/ LR Baggs ('go to acoustic"
'74 Gibson J/50
'95 Alvarez Yiari 12 DY80
'11 Taylor 414CE
'09 National Reso Tricone

Blues Jr (next to my Lazy Boy)
DRRI ('go to amp")
CVR (smooth as silk)
TRRI (loud loud loud)
BMRI (The Strat loves it)
Soldano ROS
Peavey ValveKing 100 (when I need a rush)
Ampeg VT40 (needs a forklift to move)

Fulltone Mofset
Deja Vibe
Damage Control
Dunlop Crybaby
Small Stone
Small Clone
MXR Phaser
Line 6 Pod

I got enough stuff to start my own music store.



Comments:  Been playing since I was about 12 and should be a lot better than I am. But I love it and play out at local open mics once a week. Every so often I get to play a set at a festival for a larger crowd.

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