Username:  kevinpenguin

Real Name:  

Age:   29

Country/Location:  Brookfield, IL

- Walden CD-550CEB with a custom silver sparkle drum wrap top on it.

- Danelectro D3 Pro? - sparkle top, with a "new" Danelectro baritone neck put on it. B to B tuning, and I had to move the bridge a little...

- All Parts Silver Sparkle Telecaster with an All Parts maple neck. Matched set of the Seymour Duncan Five-Two pickups. Amp Knobs too!

- Korg X-50 Synth

- Line 6 Pod HD Pro



Comments:  the FDP rocks!

How I found the FDP:  while googling something totally different...

Date registered:  Aug 16th, 2004

Contributing Membership Expires:  8/15/10

Photo: All Parts Black Tele (25 k)

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