Username:  justonwo

Real Name:  

Age:   28

Country/Location:  USA/Berkeley, CA


2005 Gibson Les Paul 56 RI
2004 Gibson 61 SG
2003 Fender Custom Classic Telecaster
2006 Gibson SG Classic (P-90s)
2001 Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus, Wolfetone Dr. Vs
Squier Strat
La Patrie Acoustic


Rivera Quiana 212
Metropoulos 1959 Head (1959 Plexi Super Lead Clone)
1974 Fender Champ
Tone Tools Fat Cat cab with Blue Dog and Silver Bell

Effects 'n such:

Menatone King of the Britains
Fulltone Fulldrive II
Peterson Strobostomp2
Boss Digital Delay
Boss DS-1




How I found the FDP:  

Date registered:  Oct 4th, 2001

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: American Series Strat (64 k)
Photo: Custom Classic Tele - beautiful birdseye (32 k)
Photo: Custom Classic Tele Sunburst (86 k)
Photo: Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus - Honeyburst (77 k)
Photo: Guts of my Super Lead (198 k)

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