Username:  johnny1111

Real Name:  

Age:   58

Country/Location:  Maplewood, MN

Gibson USA Les Paul Special, TV yellow
Eric Johnson Strat, CAR
Jerry Jones Dano Replica, black
Parker Korean dual pickup
97 Copper Tele, 52 Reissue
Japan Strat w/CS pickups
VOX Night train w/VOX external 1x12 cabinet
Roland Mobile Cube
Roland Street Cube
Blackstar HT-5R
Fender Champion 600
Fender Super Champ SD
Old Danelectro Centurian
Yamaha Motif XS8 synth
Alesis Micron
Yamaha electric piano
Garrison parlor guitar
Martin OMJM
Larrivee P03-M
Martin Hawaiian
Larrivee L-03 parlor (all hog)
Collings OM1A
Blackstar Dual overdrive
VOX Crybaby, vintage
Boss GT8




How I found the FDP:  I don't remember?

Date registered:  Jan 28th, 2002

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: Famly Picture (191 k)
Photo: MATRIX (1973) (271 k)
Photo: Welcome (11 k)

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