Username:  jlee562

Real Name:  Jared Lee

Age:   32

Country/Location:  San Francisco, CA

Fender Mark Hoppus P-Bass
Custom Warmoth Bass (it's featured in the Warmoth customer gallery under my name, Jared Lee)
DeArmond Starfire bass
Fender 51 P-bass RI, sunburst.
Ampeg SVT 350-H
Avatar Speakers 4x10
Ampeg ba-108 combo
DeArmond M65-C (Upgraded with DiMarzio Bluesbucker Humbucker at neck, and DeA Goldtone at bridge)
Joe Strummer Tribute Tele (Custom built, not the Fender model, see photo below for more info)
2007 Gibson Melody Maker RI
DeArmond M75
Epi dot studio
Marshall MG15-MS Mini-stack
Vox VT30



Comments:  Me? I'm just a guy from the San Francisco Bay Area who started playing punk rock bass at 17. Many basses and guitars later, here I am at the FDP.

How I found the FDP:  

Date registered:  Jun 15th, 2003

Contributing Membership Expires:  5/19/10

Photo: Macca in Phoenix (334 k)

Moderators: Chris Greene  Iron Man  reverendrob  

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