Username:  jellybones

Real Name:  

Age:   53

Country/Location:  Chicago-ish

green rabbit's foot
lefty telecaster 50's classic MIJ
lefty gibson cs 336
lefty 97 am standard strat
lefty larrivee DV-09E
righty washburn acoustic converted to lefty
rivera 5512 amp
ancient fender champ 12
fender cyber-deluxe
crate 12" practice amp
many pedals that I don't quite know how to use




How I found the FDP:  Random Google search way back when.

Date registered:  Oct 12th, 2002

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: Chinook5-25-13 (93 k)
Photo: Deep Dish (409 k)
Photo: Fall Chinook (27 k)
Photo: Fluffers (145 k)
Photo: Home Run Inn Pizza (48 k)
Photo: My kids and Aussies (436 k)
Photo: Paczki (331 k)
Photo: Pedalboard 8-18 (125 k)
Photo: Pedals 12-30-16 (88 k)
Photo: Pizano's Pizza (82 k)
Photo: Portillo's Hot Dog (77 k)
Photo: quarry bass (136 k)

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