Username:  jac

Real Name:  

Age:   48

Country/Location:  M.V. Southern Cal

1978 Silverface Fender Vibro Champ
1994 Tweed Pro Junior
1979 Sunn Alpha 112R 59 watt Solid State
1978 Black Rosewood neck Fender Mustang
2002 Fender Squier Affinity Tele (Made in China)
1978 Fender Maple neck Precision Bass Brown



Comments:  Greetings to all my fellow Fender product happy owners! In addittion to the gear listed above I also have a 1998 Gibson Les Paul Special (Cinnamon is the color!), An old Kay SG I picked up years ago, and most recently from a pawn shop in Citrus Heights in Northen California (By Sacramento) I picked up a Gretch Korean made Sinsonic Guitar(It is the second one I've owned). The first one I had purchased at a Toys R Us and it was stolen by some one who was suppose to repair it for me!

How I found the FDP:  I searched on Advanced Google

Date registered:  Jan 29th, 2004

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

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