Username:  heynorm

Real Name:  

Age:   66

Country/Location:  Omaha, USA

'14 Kala Rumbler Ubass
'13 Stadium 5-string bass
'08 Squier VM fretless Jazz Bass
'03 Ibanez AEB10 acoustic-electric bass
'02 MIA Fender P-bass
'88 Squier J-bass w/EMG's
'65 Vox Cougar Bass (bought it brand new)
'15 Squier Strat
'05 Martin J-15
'96 MIA Fender Tele
'72 FG-180 Yamaha acoustic
'10 Makai uke
'15 GK Neo115-iii
'14 GK MB500
'14 GK 410MBE
'12 GK MB112-ii
'12 Fishman Loudbox Mini
'10 GK MB115
'01 Fender Bassman 25
'65 Fender Bassman head(2nd owner, had it since '67)
'64 Fender Princeton Reverb
a number of vintage 12" and 15" speakers
Hammond organ
Wurlitzer electric piano
drum kit
JBL Eon One PA
Yamaha EMX312SC PA head
Kustom KPM 8420 pa head
Wright pa speakers
Peavey mini-monitors II-2 pair from the 80's
...rack effects/processors, lots of cords, plugs, wires...




How I found the FDP:  Tastes like chicken!

Date registered:  Vintage FDPer

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

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