Username:  henrycat

Real Name:  

Age:   70

Country/Location:  Ch'town, PEI, Canada

1982 Fender F-65 accoustic
2003 Zoom Fire 30 Modelling Amp.
2015 Partscaster
2013 Fender-Warmoth hard tail custom Strat



Comments:   The F-65 is a very underrated guitar IMO. Top notch workmanship and very good projection & resonance.I have a K&K Mini pick-up added.This one is a keeper! I converted the Evolution a hardtail. Pups are Hot Golds with a custom wiring harness that gives me 35 pup options. I played Gibsons from 1959 to 2002, when I switched to Fenders.

How I found the FDP:  Link from another website

Date registered:  Apr 23rd, 2003

Contributing Membership Expires:  4/24/19

Photo: 35 tone comments (337 k)
Photo: Electrical Testers (68 k)
Photo: Frenster Wiring Diagram (385 k)
Photo: Gibson SJ (123 k)
Photo: Lab Rat Strat (217 k)
Photo: Multimeter (166 k)
Photo: My Number One Strat (219 k)
Photo: Strat Builds -a- 1 to 6 (151 k)
Photo: Strat Builds -b- 7 to 13 (148 k)
Photo: Strat Builds -c-14 to 16 (151 k)
Photo: The "solution" (84 k)
Photo: Wiring diagram for my 35 tone Strat (376 k)

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