Username:  guitarmoog

Real Name:  Steve Bullock

Age:   35

Country/Location:  Belgium

- AV '52 Tele (4-way Mod)
- '72 Tele Deluxe Reissue with Bigsby and Space Bridge
- '72 Tele Custom with 'F' Bigsby and Bareknuckle Stormy Monday in Bridge
- MIM La Cabronita
- Epiphone Sheraton VSB with SD'59 in bridge, Series/Parallel switching, and Grover Imperials
- Epi Dot in Pelham Blue with Bareknuckle PUPs and Les Trem
- Reverend Buckshot in Cream with Maple neck
- Reverend Buckshot in Chronic Blue with Rosewood neck and Vibramate/Bigsby B5
- The Moog-o-caster - parts Tele
- CIJ Jaguar in Candy Apple Red
- Gibson Melody Maker (1 Pup, black, tuned to open A)
- Gibson '60s Tribute LP with P90s and Bigsby
- Burns Shadows Custom

- Taylor 310 with added Fishman Aura
- Washburn WG2S Parlour w/Fishman Rare Earth HB
- Washburn 125th anniversary slot-head parlour
- Regal Traditional series wood-bodied Spider Bridge Dobro With Dave King PUP(tuned to G)
- Yamaha CJ-12 w/Fishman Rare Earth SC (tuned to D for slide)
- '7os Black Ibanez Hummingbird Acoustic XII-string
- Antoria 5-string Banjo

- Fretless Maple Jazz Bass made by a bloke in Newcastle, UK

- Wine Red FSR '65 DRRI
- Vox Night Train Head and Cab
- Marshall Vintage Modern Combo
- Laney LC-15R

Mrs. Moog's gear:
- Fretless and Fretted Warwick Corvettes (Alder body)
- Fender Jaguar Bass (Hot Rod Red)
- Ibanez Artcore semi-hollow Bass
- Crafter 000 Acoustic
- MarkBass Mini CMP12
- Ernie Ball Volume pedal
- EHX Bass Muff
- Boss EQ7
- and secretly wants a Blue Flower tele



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How I found the FDP:

Date registered:  Mar 2nd, 2005

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: 3 (113 k)
Photo: AV '52 Tele (93 k)
Photo: Banjo Debut (13 k)
Photo: Burns Shadows Custom - Engagement present from the wonderful Mrs. Moog (61 k)
Photo: Caught by the camera in Antwerp (129 k)
Photo: Crawlin Kingsnake with Zach Seldon on Harp (178 k)
Photo: December 2008 Pedalboard (67 k)
Photo: Electric Ladyland (20 k)
Photo: Epi (158 k)
Photo: Epiphone 50th Anniversary Sheraton (and MIK Sheraton II) (141 k)
Photo: Eric and Amps (232 k)
Photo: Inlay detail (160 k)
Photo: Le Chat Pitre (45 k)
Photo: MIM Jag (123 k)
Photo: MIM La Cabronita (133 k)
Photo: MIM La Cabronita (133 k)
Photo: MIM LA Cabronita 3 saddle bridge (87 k)
Photo: MIM La Cabronita body (113 k)
Photo: Moog and Mrs. Moog (109 k)
Photo: Moog with Reverse Special Strat (55 k)
Photo: Moog With Sheraton (55 k)
Photo: Moog-o-caster controls (48 k)
Photo: Moog-o-caster logo (47 k)
Photo: Moog-o-caster pickups (57 k)
Photo: Moog-o-caster pickups (39 k)
Photo: Moog-o-caster reverse head (allparts lefty neck) (44 k)
Photo: Moog-o-caster version 2.0 (49 k)
Photo: Moog-o-caster with reverse special Strat (59 k)
Photo: Music Room (125 k)
Photo: Offsets (59 k)
Photo: PArts-o-Tele damage (49 k)
Photo: Pedalboard April 09 (121 k)
Photo: Pedalboard Aug 09 (58 k)
Photo: Pedalboard Aug 09 small (56 k)
Photo: Pedalboard June 09 (153 k)
Photo: Reverend Buckshot with Bigsby (108 k)
Photo: Steve and Bruce (ex-glow-valve) (14 k)
Photo: The Electric Family (58 k)
Photo: The Grevious Angels, La Porte Noir, Brussels 24/11/05 (191 k)
Photo: The Moog-o-caster (58 k)
Photo: Tiny Pedalboard (345 k)
Photo: Untitled (68 k)
Photo: Untitled (285 k)
Photo: Vox and more vox (237 k)
Photo: VV (177 k)

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