Username:  groovemaster

Real Name:  

Age:   55

Country/Location:  USA

'72 Guild D50
'76 Tele Deluxe
'75 Les Paul Deluxe w/P100's
'83 and '84 MIJ Squier Strats
'93 Gibson ES 335
'95 USA Strat/Joe Bardens
'95 USA Strat/Kinman Blues
'98 Epiphone Emperor II
2000 PRS Custom 22
2002 Epiphone SG
2003 HWY1 Tele w/Bardens
2011 Vintage V100 Icon Lemon Drop Les Paul Copy
'60 Brown Super
'64 Bassman w/ cab
'65 Princeton Reverb
'65 Tremolux w/cab
'67 Bassman head
'67 blackline SFTR
'67 blackline SF Princeton reverb
'68 blackline SFVC
'68 blackline SFVR
'68 blackline Princeton Reverb
'68 blackline SFDR
'68 blackline SFSR
'75 SR
'79 DR
'79 Lab Series L5,
'98 Victoria 20112 Tweed Deluxe
Victoria Reverberato
'98 Peavey DeltaBlues 210
Tone King Meteor 30



Comments:  I'm trying to kick my silverface blackline's no use.

How I found the FDP:  ToneQuest

Date registered:  Sep 8th, 2002

Contributing Membership Expires:  12/27/17

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