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Age:   42

Country/Location:  PA

1995 PRS CE24
2005 American Select Strat (Mahog body)
2010 PRS Mira
2005 Gretsch G6122SP Country Gentleman
2011 Martin GPCPA1
1988 Ovation Elite 1868
2008 Fender Jazz Bass
2003 Baby Taylor



Comments:  Hi all, Been playing since I was a kid, more seriously once I hit my late teens. Started out with The Beatles as many of us have. Migrated toward progressive rock in my early twenties (all hail Alex Lifeson!). Played the Philly/Jersey cover scene very heavily in the early/mid 90's in an alt rock band, then took a break for several years (marriage, kids, you know... life). I was relegated to a 'living room guitarist' (not a bad gig actually) until early 2008, when an old friend and I decided to get together and play some old favorites. That somehow turned into an original project, and that's what I've been working on ever since. Certainly not easy, with having 2 little kids, and massive time/energy constraints, but it's the most rewarding project I've ever been involved in. We also enjoy playing the occasional gig as a cover band, just for kicks. Thanks for all the help I've received from this forum. You're a great bunch of folks!

How I found the FDP:  Took a wrong turn at Albuquerque...

Date registered:  Mar 23rd, 2009

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Photo: 1988 Ovation 1868 Elite (276 k)
Photo: 1995 PRS CE24 (186 k)
Photo: 2002 Guild Bluesbird AAA (110 k)
Photo: 2002 PRS CE24 (351 k)
Photo: 2005 Gretsch G6122SP Country Gentleman (302 k)
Photo: 2008 Fender AmDlx (88 k)
Photo: 2008 Fender AmDlx: abalone detail (92 k)
Photo: 2010 PRS Mira a (129 k)
Photo: 2010 PRS Mira b (225 k)
Photo: future rock star :) (190 k)
Photo: Gretsch G6122SP (63 k)
Photo: Having fun in the pool - July 4th 2010 (137 k)
Photo: Hey, you got chocolate on my bacon! (198 k)
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