Username:  ghodaddyyo

Real Name:  John Fredrickson

Age:   38

Country/Location:  Huntington Beach

'06 American Deluxe HSS
'93 MIM Strat w/ SD Hot Rails in bridge.
'99 DeArmond Starfire w/ DA bigsby tailpiece.
'99 Ibanez JS100
'09 Ibanez S Prestige
'01 Epiphone Emporer II Joe Pass Model
Saga Gitane Django style oval hole acoustic

Fender Passport 250
MesaBoogie Rectoverb 50 Combo
Line 6 Spider Jam
Roland MicroCube

Boss BR1600
Line 6 UX3 Tone Port
EZ Drummer

Current FX: Fender Tuner, Barber Tone Press, Morley Bad Horsie 2, Dunlop 535Q, MXR Phase 90 (w/mod), Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive, EH Metal Muff, Boss OC3, EH Pulsar, EH Q-Tron Envelope Filter, EH Deluxe Memory Man, Boss RC-20 Looper Everything powered by Furman SPB8 pedal board.



Comments:  Started with early 80's metal, played out to 90's alternative, Learning jazz in the new millenium. Check out my teacher:

How I found the FDP:  Drawn like a force unexplainable, and now trapped forever!

Date registered:  Vintage FDPer

Contributing Membership Expires:  10/8/2012

Musician Ad: Want to Jam: Huntington Beach, California (United States): Always Looking for People to Jam With

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