Username:  geocaster

Real Name:  

Age:   60

Country/Location:  Hendersonville, TN

Fender '52 Tele reissue - stock

'62 reissue MIJ Tele Custom Sunburst ~'95
w/ Brass comp saddles, BL280TN & 290TL pickups,

'62 reissue CIJ Tele Custom Black '05
stock Texas Special pickups.

CS late '56 type Stratocaster, Texas Special #010, 1990 - stock

2006 - Robert Cray Stratocaster MIM model
Inca silver

1994 Historic Les Pauls: (all stock)
2 - 1958 Plaintops
1 - 1956 Gold Top

'70s Gibson L6 Special
'62 Gibson LGO Acoustic
Fender Jazz Bass
and a few odd others.

70's Fender SFDR
'63 Brown Deluxe
80's Rivera Concert
70's Fender SF Vibrolux 2x10 "Hollywood Hot Rod"
Behringer GX110

Effect (that are mostly dust collectors.)
Alesis Micro-verb
Boss CS-3 compressor
Dano Daddy-O Overdrive




How I found the FDP:  Home Shopping Network

Date registered:  Feb 22nd, 2002

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: "Georgian" Colonial Revival (49 k)
Photo: '52 RI (60 k)
Photo: '52 RI a (88 k)
Photo: '56 Historic Goldtop (43 k)
Photo: '56 Les Paul Historic (90 k)
Photo: '56 RI GT (96 k)
Photo: '58 Les Paul Historic Reissues (83 k)
Photo: '58 RI Les Pauls (119 k)
Photo: '62 RI b (61 k)
Photo: '62 Tele Custom RI - Black (13 k)
Photo: '75 Strat (66 k)
Photo: '75 Stratocaster (73 k)
Photo: 5 band members and friends at SW 1st., Portland OR, '70 (46 k)
Photo: 88 Elmira St. (8 k)
Photo: Bil Hullet and myself at FDP Jam '05 (72 k)
Photo: Black Tele Custom (39 k)
Photo: Caption Me, Rat (112 k)
Photo: Charles New Chair (41 k)
Photo: Charles the Cat (34 k)
Photo: Cheryl and I at Atlantis, Nassau 9/05 (43 k)
Photo: Cumberland River View (103 k)
Photo: Danny and "Old" Hot Rod (12 k)
Photo: FDPin' at Platos Lounge, Atlantis, Nassau (64 k)
Photo: Geocaster Teles (56 k)
Photo: Jimi backing Wilson Picket '66 (26 k)
Photo: Keef in Action (106 k)
Photo: Kookie taking her Christmas power nap (65 k)
Photo: Lawn Chopper (33 k)
Photo: Motor Stool (23 k)
Photo: Motor Thing? (24 k)
Photo: My Buddy (88 k)
Photo: My Favorite Axe (6 k)
Photo: On the bluff (145 k)
Photo: R. Cray body close up (76 k)
Photo: Red Bull Mig (103 k)
Photo: Robert Cray MIM model Stratocaster (58 k)
Photo: Sunday Afternoon with Kaleb (5 k)
Photo: Tele with 3D Cobra (50 k)
Photo: This one (73 k)
Photo: When one needs home security (77 k)

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