Username:  geetar37

Real Name:  

Age:   45

Country/Location:  Cincinnati, OH

2000 Fender Strat (USA)
2003 G&L Tribute ASAT Classic Premium
2002 Ibanez SA160 (w/Dimarzio PAF-Pro at bridge)
2004 Guild GAD-50E
2011 Takamine TAN16c

2006 Yamaha BB415

Mesa/Boogie Studio .22+
Egnater Renegade (head)
Epiphone Studio 10 (practice amp)
Yamaha BA10 (practice bass amp)
Avatar 2x12 cabinet

Digitech Bad Monkey (2 of 'em)
Digitech Hot Head
Boss GT-3
Boss TU-15 (tuner)



Comments:  Life is an alarm clock and we are continually pushing the "snooze" button.

How I found the FDP:  Google search

Date registered:  Mar 14th, 2005

Contributing Membership Expires:  12/13/12

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