Username:  fadehook

Real Name:  


Country/Location:  Texas

Guitars Electrics:
'95 Fender CIJ '52 RI Tele
'12 Am. '52 RI Tele
'04 Am. Tele
'04 50th Anniversary Am Strat
'11 Am. Strat..Surf Grn.
'11 Am. Strat..Lake Plcd Blue
'11 Another Am. Strat..Lake Plcd. Blue
'04 Fender Highway 1 Strat
'95 G&L Asat Special USA
'96 Fender ProTone Strat
'99 DeArmond Starfire Custom
'12 Gibson SG Junior
'12 Gibson Firebird 70's Tribute
'11 Gibson SG Standard
'07 Gibson LP
'10 Carvin dc 127
'06 Epi SG....Korean
'06 ESP GrassRoots LP

Basses Electric:
Rogue 200B

Acoustic Electrics:

Martin DC16GTE
Alvarez AD60SC Artist
Ovation CS 247
Agile HRB 200


Guild GAD-50L
Dean AK48 D
Custom one off, Sergio Zepeda, Classical
Simon & Patrick 12 string Dred

Violin Acoustic:
Strad copy

Ukulele Acoustic:
Rogue Baritone

Ashdown Fallen Angel Pre-Tube-Hybrid 100w head w / Ashdown Full Stack

Peavey Classic 100 tube head w/4x10 Peavey 410E Classic cabinet.

Peavey ValveKing combo.

Peavey Delta Blues

Full Stack Peavey ValveKing 100w tube head + Peavey ValveKing 4x12 cab and Windsor 4x12 cab.

Fender HRD

Fender Frontman 38W amp combo

Fender Frontman 2X12R 100w/amp combo

Fender G-DEC midi programmable 15w amp combo

Drive CD200B amp combo

Marshall AS50D Acoustic 50w combo

Genz Benz Shenandoah 60 w

Roland micro cube amp 5w

Epiphone Valve Junior Half Stack (Extensively Modified)...for recording.

Dean Markley Stereo/Chorus DSS Combo 2X10 100w

Fender Champion 600 modified to 5E. circuit specs, with added Custom Weber Speaker

Studio Setup:

Fostex 16 channel mixer/recorder MR16 W/CD Burner.
Fostex X-12 hi-bias 4ch cassette playback recorder.
Sony TC-153SD Pro Studio stereo cassette playback/recorder.
Furman M8 Power Conditioner.
Furman RP8 Power Conditioner.
Yamaha HS50M Studio Monitors bi-amped 70 watt ea.
KRK RP10S Sub-woofer monitor amped 150 watt.
Audio Technica Pro5 Headphone Monitors.
PreSonus 4ch headphone amp.
Nady 2 Micron RSM-5 Studio Ribbon Mic.
MXL 990 voice mic w/ shock mount...x2
MXL 991 instrument mic w/ shock mount.
ART Tube mic pre-amps x3
BBE Signal Processor
Power Buddy phantom power supply.
AKG WMS40 Pro wireless guitar system.
AKG and Nady Dynamic overhead mics.
AKG Dynamic amplifier mic.
AKG Voice mics.
Shure 58 Voice mic.
dbx 166XL compressor/limiter/gate.
Firewire 8 channel PC portal.
Recording Amplifier:
Epiphone Valve Junior Half Stack modified...
Electro Harmonix/12AY7/ preamp.
JJ EL-84/ power.
Eminence Patriot Cannabis Rex/ Hemp Cone 12" 16 ohm speaker.
BitMo Trio Modifications.
BitMo...10-uator modification.
Hammond 125DSE OT



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