Username:  dstnavy

Real Name:  

Age:   54

Country/Location:  Arlington Virginia

LP '60 Historic Cherry 8.22#
Gibson ES-339, Cherry
Tele '59 WW 10 3TB
Ric 360/6 Midnight
- Partscaster: AmDlx neck, warmouth alder body, Rumple Gypsys , guts from Acme, Callaham bridge & hardware, Ice Blue from ReRanch 7#6oz
- CS '57 Wildwood "10" NOS 2TB
- CS '60 Surf/AA Maple, special order

Loooper Micro
Fulltone FD3 | OCD v4 | Clyde Wah
AnalogMan Mini Chorus | KOT |Mini BICOMP | Sun Face

Xotic EP & SP | Jetter GS124 |CB RAH & Belle Epoch { Direct Drive Compact | MXR Carbon Copy

Mustang I
Vox Mini3

Martin 000-28H
Taylor GS Mini




How I found the FDP:  

Date registered:  Jun 14th, 2005

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: 59WW10Tele_back (105 k)
Photo: 59WW10Tele_body1 (200 k)
Photo: 59WW10Tele_body2 (276 k)
Photo: 59WW10Tele_front (111 k)
Photo: 59WW10Tele_neck (128 k)
Photo: D.R. Harris (396 k)
Photo: DiMarzio Patch .512" (450 k)
Photo: George L Patch (.618) compared to a Lava Patch (408 k)
Photo: Lava Patch Cable .442 (354 k)
Photo: PedalTrain Nano (488 k)
Photo: Vesper Martini - The Dukes Hotel London (408 k)

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