Username:  davywhizz

Real Name:  David Gardiner

Age:   62

Country/Location:   Redesdale UK

PRS Mira Korina

PRS SE Soapbar II with slide set up

Fender US Ash Tele (two tone sunburst/maple) With four way switch mod, treble bleed mod and conversion to Callaham bridge.

DV Mark EVO 1 head

Fender Cyber Twin

Egnater Rebel 30 head

Stoneham Amps custom 212 cabinet with Vintage 30s

Ovation Custom Balladeer acoustic guitar 1978

Ditto looper (gold!)

Diago pedalboard with Morley optical wah, Boss tuner, Boss graphic (Allums mods), Boss compressor (Allums mods), Boss chorus, MXR Carbon Copy delay, MXR Il Torino overdrive, Suhr Eclipse, Fulltone OCD. Diago Powerstation power supply and George L cables and plugs.



Comments:  "Midnight Feast - a live party, wedding and function band based in north east England"

How I found the FDP:  web search

Date registered:  Jan 16th, 2004

Contributing Membership Expires:  10/12/18

Moderators: Chris Greene  Iron Man  reverendrob  

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