Username:  darrengoleafs

Real Name:  

Age:   35

Country/Location:  WNY

AVRI '57 Strat SB
Jimmie Vaughan Strat SB
Jimi Hendrix Monterey Strat
LH Standard Strat White, maple neck, '69 CS pups
Road Worn Tele SB
Homebuilt Esquire (SD Antiquity, US1 body, allpart neck)
Eastwood H-44
Gibson SG Junior ('18)
Gibson 2017 Firebird T Pelham Blue
Gibson SG standard ('12) w/'57 HBs
PRS SE Santana
PRS SE 245
Schecter PT Standard
Ibanez ASV100FMD
Martin OOO-15sm
Epi Bisquit Reso
Epi Masterbuilt EF-500M
Mitchell Mandolin
Squier Fretless Jazz Bass
Fender 65 PRRI
Fender Custom '57 Champ reissue
Fender '79 Champ
Fender Cyber-Twin
Fender Pro Jr. (Tweed, blue speaker)
Fender Champion 600 (modded)
Fender GDec 30
Fender Mustang GT40
Vox AC15C1
Marshall Origin 20 combo (12" greenback)
Acoustic B-15 bass amp
-Fulldrive Mosfet
-Mini Deja-Vibe
-Trower OD
Brian Farmer's Farmland FX
-Simo Supafuzz
Lovepedal Les Luis
Xotic EP-Booster
Catalinbread Sabbra Cadabbra
-Dark Side



Comments:  Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble-Could'nt Stand The Weather THAT DID IT! And Hee Haw reruns EVERY night.

How I found the FDP:  VERY helpful. Thanks everyone.

Date registered:  Mar 13th, 2004

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: chassis 79 champ (254 k)
Photo: chassis2 79 champ (273 k)
Photo: tube holders 79 champ (199 k)

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