Username:  clg5

Real Name:  Craig Gates

Age:   42

Country/Location:  Of course you should

CS60 NOS - sunburst
John Mayer Sig Strat - Sunburst
62RI - Candy Apple Red
57RI - 2 Tone Sunburst
California Series Fat Strat - Fiesta Red/rosewood board.
60's Classic Strat - Sunburst
60's Classic Strat - Lake Placid Blue
Deluxe Powerhouse Strat - Black/rosewood
Deluxe Super Strat - Crimson Red/rosewood
Parts Strat - Sunburst Body from a MIM Deluxe Strat and a 50's Classic Players neck.
Parts Strat - MIM Standard body Sage Green/Deluxe MIM Rosewood neck (big headstock)
Highway 1 Tele - Sunburst with Rosewood neck
M-75 DeArmond - Tyrean Purple.
Line6 Variax 300

Rivera - R100 Duo 12
Blues Junior - black tolex

POD 2.0
PODxt with Floorboard




How I found the FDP:  Another chat forum, which led me to do a search.

Date registered:  Vintage FDPer

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: 62 RI in Case (120 k)
Photo: CS '60TM NOS (46 k)
Photo: CS60 in Case (71 k)
Photo: My three young'uns (151 k)

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