Username:  clark bjorke

Real Name:  Clark Bjorke

Age:   58

Country/Location:  Eastern Shore

Way more than when I first started here.



Comments:  "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." -Thomas Edison

How I found the FDP:  my no good brother

Date registered:  Dec 27th, 2005

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: 07 Dakota (169 k)
Photo: Aging Rock Star (297 k)
Photo: All the guitars I'll ever need. (159 k)
Photo: Baconstock (237 k)
Photo: Big Hats and No Cattle (8 k)
Photo: Closeup of the Surfcaster pickguard (264 k)
Photo: Denim Micarta Pickguard (250 k)
Photo: Dot back (272 k)
Photo: Dot headstock (254 k)
Photo: Epiphone Dot (334 k)
Photo: Frankencaster body routed (217 k)
Photo: Frankencaster with hardware and pups layed out in routs (204 k)
Photo: Great Big Sea (407 k)
Photo: Ground Zero Jan 28, 2008 (70 k)
Photo: Halloween (137 k)
Photo: Leanna and Marley (147 k)
Photo: Leanna Michele Bjorke (32 k)
Photo: Lele's ukulele (231 k)
Photo: Les Paul Jan 28, 2008 (53 k)
Photo: Les Paul's Les Paul (155 k)
Photo: Madiera 12 back (344 k)
Photo: Madiera 12 String (357 k)
Photo: Pagelli Archtop (44 k)
Photo: Pamper Pole (356 k)
Photo: Simpsonized (19 k)
Photo: Snow 2 6 10 (401 k)
Photo: Surfcaster (245 k)
Photo: Tele Project (193 k)
Photo: Tenor Banjo (408 k)
Photo: The Most Interesting Man In The World (261 k)
Photo: The New Baby (267 k)
Photo: The Whole Motley Crew (296 k)
Photo: Used Stamp on Dot (258 k)

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