Username:  chronicinsomnia

Real Name:  chris story

Age:   48

Country/Location:  USA

Fender Cyber Twin SE
Line 6 distortion modeler
Line 6 modulation modeler
Line 6 M9
Line 6 M13
83 Fender stagelead
Fender Mustang mini
Fender Mustang 1 ver.1
Fender Mustang 1 ver.2
Fender Mustang 3 ver.2
Fender Mustang 4 ver.2
Blackstar Fly 3
Boss Katana mini
EVH micro amp
Roland bass cube
Gorilla CG-20

Rogue LB200 bass LH
Zoom R24 digital studio
Boss Micro BR
Tascam mk111 portastudio (retired)
Zoom mrs1044 digital recording studio
Zoom 4040 floor unit
Ibanez UE300 floor unit

1 - Fender Strat 83' 2 knob no football jack RH
1 - Ovation ultra GS RH
1 - Yamaha Pacifica 112L
1 - Ibanez 470S LH
1 - Ibanez JEM 555 LH
2 - Raven RP350 (PRS copies) LH
2 - Agile LP2500 LH (old horn and headstock)
1 - Agile AS820 LH (335 copy)
1 - Agile TC 630 LH (tele)
1 - Agile 7 string
11 - SX SST 57's and 62's LH (old headstock)
1 - Warmoth Strat w/ kahler trem LH
2 - DBZ Barchetta's LH
2 - Dean Zelinsky private label Strettavitas LH
1 - Dean Zelinsky Tagliere LH
2 - Chinese Yngwie copies scalloped neck LH
2 - DEAN Z explorers LH
3 - SX Furrians (tele) LH
1- Chiquita travel guitar (Back to the Future)RH
1 - Hondo LP double cut RH
2 - PRS SE Custom 24 LH

4 Acoustics

Fender 6 string LH
Blueridge BR-70 LH
Hadean 12 string LH
Rogue 6 string A/E LH

Roland TD-7 electronic drum kit

Peavey XR 684F PA system



Comments:  Give me 6 strings on a plank to spank and I am one happy pappy.

How I found the FDP:  fender website

Date registered:  Nov 9th, 2001

Contributing Membership Expires:  2/2/19

Moderators: Chris Greene  Iron Man  reverendrob  

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