Username:  catnineblue

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Age:   69

Country/Location:  LA , Calif

67 super reverb orig owner , home made wood cab , pignose 1980 original , . 58 sunburst strat , three handbuild strats , handmade , all built by me from stock lumber , , and a few wah's . 77 MM bass amp tall home brew cab , AA964 in 77 MM bass amp chassis , Sig 12 alnico in 71 MM bass amp cab and allen amps tranny's . . home brew SF Champ Allen Amps narrow panel tweed chassis, weber tranny's wooden cab c10r speaker.
weber tranny's .

. Seagull S series grand parlor . 2009 Epi Aj 100. 2013 EPI EL-00 Pro.

. Rocktron austin gold OD . Digitech digiverb . Dunlop crybaby . Old analog delay .




How I found the FDP:  fender music main site

Date registered:  May 27th, 2004

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