Username:  capnhiho

Real Name:  Bill Golden

Age:   68

Country/Location:  Bakersfield, CA

Ibanez AS-73 (335 clone with SD Seth Lovers)
Squier 51
PRS SE Soapbar II
G&L Tribute ASAT Classic Semihollow
Gretsch G5420T
Madeira A-40 acoustic
Epi Jack Casady Sig bass
Vibro Champ XD
Roland Micro Cube RX
Roland Blues Cube BC-60
Ampeg BA-108
Egnater Tweaker 15 head
Randall 2x12 cab

Email:  wlgolden99(at)


Comments:  I can't even play one

How I found the FDP:  Linked from other website

Date registered:  Oct 31st, 2004

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: After cane job (148 k)
Photo: Detail of matching cane and piping (171 k)
Photo: Headstock back (107 k)
Photo: Headstock front (115 k)
Photo: Mikro 1 (96 k)
Photo: Mikro Bass tuners (front view) (91 k)
Photo: Our rig (151 k)
Photo: PRS back (114 k)
Photo: PRS front (120 k)
Photo: PRS full (146 k)
Photo: PRS Gigbag (126 k)
Photo: Randall 2x12 & Tweaker 15 (99 k)
Photo: Roughin' it (134 k)
Photo: You only need three . . . (92 k)

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