Username:  bikrcoy

Real Name:  coy lindsey

Age:   64

Country/Location:  retired NW Arkansas

1997 American Strat
2001 MIM Deluxe Super-Strat
50th Anniversary Deluxe Strat
1981 Ovation "Balladeer Special"

1981 Peavey Classic (2 by 12) Amp.
Mustang III (V-2)

And a trunk full of old pedals
and old fuzz boxes.




How I found the FDP:  Just exploring the links at

Date registered:  Oct 2nd, 2002

Contributing Membership Expires:  12/29/18

Photo: 11.5" of rain in less than 36 hours (166 k)
Photo: Bikes (315 k)
Photo: Freedom in 1970 (189 k)
Photo: Gone now (80 k)
Photo: Greg Lemond autograph (195 k)
Photo: Here today (77 k)
Photo: Me at age 21 (61 k)
Photo: Our house at Beale Air Force Base (379 k)
Photo: Pit Bull bite mark (72 k)
Photo: Randy Travis (152 k)
Photo: Winnie the Boxer (104 k)

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