Username:  barry.b

Real Name:  


Country/Location:  australia

Fender Stringmaster Dual-8 Steel 1955
Fender Jaguar CAR 1965
Fender Jaguar S'burst 1962
Fender Mustang refin LPB 1966
Fender Electric XII (stripped/refinned) 1966
Fender Coronado XII (cherry red) 1967

Fender Bass VI refin LPB 1962 (4 switch slab board)
Fender Bass VI orig sunburst 1962 (3 switch)
Fender Precision Bass 2-tone s'burst 1958
Fender Precision Bass 3-tone s'burst 1978
Fender Telecaster (Mudbucker) blonde 1974
Fender Jazz Bass V pale blue 1998
Squier Jazz Bass V fluro green tuned EADGC (parts inst)
Danelectro Longhorn bass (re-issue, date unknown)
Steinberger L2 (black, of course) 1980

Fender CIJ Bass VI 2013 CAR.

Tanglewood Acoustic Bass Guitar (recent-ish)
Yamaha nilon string (old as the hills)
Oud 12-string (unknown details)
Lute 15-string (Pakastan made) with schatten vvm pickup
and various other cheap wierdo stringed acoustic instruments including a mandolin, mandola and a sitar




How I found the FDP:  google

Date registered:  Nov 1st, 2009

Contributing Membership Expires:  4/30/12

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